Dec 28, 2006

John Edwards for President

Still my favorite candidate for president.  John McCain turned into a gigantic asshole at midnight.  Hillary is fainting, if not falling, far too far to the right.  Barak Obama I like, but he's too new, I'd really rather him wait and show up in '16 with some weight behind him.  Anyway, Edwards is still my favorite.  Yes, he's white and male, and that's too bad, and not nearly as charismatic as Obama, but he's the best I've seen in quite a while.

Record Making with Duke Ellington

Wow, this is way cool.  I had no idea how records were made.  'sides, Duke Ellington is always cool.

Tony vs. Paul

Haven't had a stop motion video in, like, a month!

AACS Hacked

AACS is the copy protection on DVDs, this guy hacked it.  Video isn't as cool as I'd hoped, but oh well, fuck the MPAA.

Dec 22, 2006

Ritmos Latinos

So, some of you know, I was in a dance class this semester, called Ritmos Latinos, it's salsa, but in a big circle w/ the moves called out like square dance or something.  So anyway, I fairly well sucked, but it was lots of fun and taught me enough that I can take real salsa classes sometime (not to mention this one again next sem)  At the end of the semester, we had a party and each class performed, and the dude just posted the performances on google video, here's the link to mine!

I start out in the back on the right, I'm wearing a blue long sleeved shirt w/ black pants.  You can't see a whole lot of what I'm doing, but by 1:40 I've made my way around the circle coming in on the left, I'm dancing w/ the girl in the black dress (not the lady w/ the red top, that's the other dude wearing blue).  So anyway, in the next min or so you see me do a vacilala y dame, a sombrero (the arms one), an adios, an adios con hermana, and, god help me, a move I can't remember the name of, but its where you stomp four times and clap four times while trying to look slick.... which I don't.  Then I disappear for a bit and show up in the background again, but you can't see much.  So, that's me being a big dork!  But it's fun!

Dec 20, 2006

Stay Classy, Virginia

"I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States."

-- Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA), quoted by Think Progress, in a letter to constituents.

Transformers Trailer

Woah. this actually has the tiniest chance of not sucking.

Dec 18, 2006

Dick in a Box

haha, it's been a couple months since a great SNL short, but this is pretty funny.

Veggie Colleges

Here's the top 10 (and 5 in Canada).  Sorta interesting list!  Humboldt, sure.  Berkeley, naturally.  But Indiana?  Ohio??

Dec 17, 2006

Artist Video

This is pretty cool.  I'd suggest muting your speakers first to avoid the god awful swedish rap, though.

Dec 16, 2006

Movie Reviews @ The Temple

Blood Diamond - Pretty good.  Not an oscar movie, really, only even thought of as that because of its political implications.  Leo does a good enough job, Djimon Hounsou is very good.  Political stuff is no surprise if you've been paying attn.  Diamonds are not rare, far less rare than rubies or emeralds, but cost way more cuz they told us they cost way more.  And some of em come from lots of tragedy.

Must Love Dogs - Bad bad movie.  I mean, I laughed a good number of times, cute jokes and such.  But overall, just a pretty awful movie in pretty much every way.

An Inconvenient Truth - Holy shit.  I honestly didn't expect to be impressed by this movie.  I figured I knew most of these facts already (I didn't).  I figured filming a slideshow can't possibly be dramatic (I was wrong).  I figured he was preaching to the choir (I, at best, knew where the church was).  The movie is amazing, it's the most slack-jaw captivated I've been in a long time, I was totally blown away.  I know I'm behind the curve here, but if you haven't, everyone should see it, please.

Dec 15, 2006

Michael Crichton = Asshole

Jesus, do I have to never read any book he ever writes now?

Walking Table

Wth?  Is there some sort of burgeoning market for crazy mechanical tables or something?

Civil Unions in NJ

What, are we gonna let 'em vote now too??

Cool Experiment

This is neat.   Short version is:

-Dude asks Guy for directions, listening for about 15 sec

-Two people walk in between Dude and Guy carrying a big door

-While they are there, Dude swaps out with Dude2

-After the door is gone, 8 out of 15 Guys continue giving directions, not noticing that Dude is now Dude2!

Dec 12, 2006

Pirate Bay Blocks ISP

The Pirate Bay (TPB) has decided to block the Swedish ISP Perspektiv Broadband’s users from accessing the TPB’s website. The move comes in response to ISP Perspektiv’s decision to block its users from accessing the Russian website,

hehe, I dunno if it'll work, but I love Pirate Bay for trying.

Expanding Table


Tofu = Gayifying

Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality.

Wuh-oh. ;)

Dec 11, 2006

Doll Face

This animation makes me sad.  But it's amazingly good, both in content and technical merit.  A little overt in its message, but really good.

Anti-Gore Spoof

Ha.  Okay, so first this video comes out.  Supposedly by a dude in CA making fun of Gore.  Cuz the environment is, like, totally uncool, man.

But then, the Wall Street Journal did a little research (unlike the guy who made the film) and found out that it was made by some Republican PR firm in DC that works for Exxon!  Ha!  Btw, I'd link to the WSJ story and not the ABC story about the WSJ story, but WSJ is pay-only.  So that's what you get, WSJ, welcome to 1999, open up.

Rare Exports

A shoft film.  Long way to go for a few really funny moments, but it's very well made, and it just tickles me.

Dec 10, 2006

.002 cents = .002 dollars?

According to Verizon.  Wow.

(btw, its basically the same thing for 22 min.  we get to the floor manager who doens't get it either, which is hilarious, but no real need to listen past the first few)

Dec 9, 2006

Conan the Ravearian

Saw this in Maxim of all places, I just about fell over, hahahaha.

Trey Parker & Matt Stone Interview

From Reason Magazine.  It's fairly interesting, if you have time to read it.

Coke Commercial

For those of us w/ DVRs, neat commercial.

New TMNT Trailer

Here it is.

I dunno, I don't think I like it.  Every single nerdy boy my age has precisely 4 points of childhood identity:

1) Voltron
2) GI Joe
3) Transformers

The order is different, but those are always there. Ya can't muck w/ them.  Now the transformer & TMNT movies are shaping up to be sort shitty.  Sadness!

Dec 8, 2006

Gotta post somethin'

So, nothing interesting came along the feeds today, but school is officially done and I'm feeling happy so I gotta post something.  So go watch today's Ze Frank, it's awesome.  Though really, it's all about this line (discussing the iraq report):

The Bush administration, however, embraced the report.  Much like it embraced someone with a contagious disease.  Who was on fire.  While you were both running in opposite directions.

The president agreed that the report was made up of words.  Written on paper.  With few, if any, spelling mistakes.  After that things got a little sticky.

teehee :)

Dec 6, 2006

James Kim Found Dead

:(((  I haven't been posting about this story, but god dammit that's awful.

Water on Mars??

Dis be coo'.

Wil Wheaton @ TV Squad

So TV Squad is a cool TV blogging site, if you are into that sort of thing.  But now I guess (for a while, really, I'm just slow) Wil Wheaton has joined in as a "retro blogger"  He's going back and reviewing a lot of the old episodes of TNG.  He's pretty funny, and it's nice to see that Wil Wheaton hated Wesley Crusher as much as Nerds In America As A Whole hated Wesley Crusher :)

Dec 5, 2006

Air Force "Pain Gun"

94 GHz?!  I could build that!

Al Gore Quote

"Well, he claimed that would not see it. That's why I wrote the book. He's a reader."

-- Al Gore, quoted by GQ, on whether President Bush had seen his movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

Oh Al Gore, you are going to make me want to vote for you!

A Girl Solo In Arabia

This is cool, I'm going to have to read through the blog when I get some time.

Dec 4, 2006

Darth Vader Kitchen


Google Blog Stats

Mr. Schmidt said that by by Google’s calculation, a new blog is being created every second of every day. He said that Google now estimates that the average blog is read by one person.

Hehe, I'm, I dunno, 3 times the average! woo! ;)  Here's the link.

Get out of jail rap

Hahaha, oh man, might as well give in to that dumbest state ranking, eh?

Dec 1, 2006

World Map Game

Wow... I got like.. 5, and they were easy ones.

Concert Reviews @ The Temple

I saw Thomas Dolby & BT tonight, it was pretty sweet.  Thomas Dolby, it turns out, is the dude who did that 80s song Blinded By Science, who knew?  Well, not me.  But he was pretty cool, told funny stories, had good, if sometimes goofy, music.  It was all, I guess, his stuff from the 80s, hence the goofiness.  I guess he'll do another tour next year w/ new stuff, I think I'd go, he was fun.

Then BT, who was very cool.  I wasn't sure what to expect of this concert, I've never done an electronic concert, seems weird to me, like maybe it's just a guy up there pressing the play button on a computer?  But BT had a whole band, and he played like 5 instruments himself, and it was all in all very good.  Probably better if you are higher than crap at the time, but still good.  He wasn't as talkative as Dolby, which I would have appreciated.  I heard him on Dawn & Drew and he is the coolest guy, or at least he plays one one TV, wish I coulda heard more of that coolness.  He ended w/ a pretty amazing song.  The whole concert, both dudes, had a visual component, stuff on the screen.  BT's last song was written for his daughter, so the screen was lots of images of her and of them together, and words.  The words were verrry on the nose.  Nothing subtle here, just plain ole "I will watch you grow up"  "I thank god for you" "I will love you forever" kind of stuff.  But it managed to be fairly touching anyway.

One other note, there were of course glow stick dancers.  These folks are always pretty goofy, acting all slick and stuff, and I'm just going "uhh... how do you know when you mess up?"  But then!  Then some 40 year old dude is trying to do it, and he suuuuucked.  I couldn't tell you what he was doing wrong, or what they were doing right, but he was awful.  So... that's fun.

Drawn By Pain

Wth?  I think maybe this will be awful, but it might be good, who knows.  I like the song anyway.

En Tus Brazos

Oh em gee, I LOVE this animation.  Tango!

Nov 29, 2006

Roller Toaster

Awesome!  First one to melt off the tips of their fingers gets a nickel!

Celebrity Buttplugs


MBNA => Bank Of America

Gah, have you seen this?  As if this merger didn't piss me off as it is, now they have to make my ears bleed too!  Feel bad for the guy, though, he's just being a dork at a company thing, now he's a big internet joke!

Trans-Siberian Christmas Lights

So, this video is from last year, but I didn't have this LJ last year, so here it is again!

Nov 28, 2006


So, it's that time of year.  All of us who have a bit extra lying around and don't really need that extra sweater/gadget/movie/night-out should do something about it, yeah?  It's always hard to choose, which is "more important".  genocide?  starving people?  people with cancer?  endangered animals?  endangered civil liberties? sick children?  Hard to say, the good news is every answer is the right answer, I guess.  So here's some ideas:

Darfur: Through Save Darfur or Doctors Without Borders.

Animals/Environment: Through the Wildlife Conservation Society, the World Wild Fund or the Sierra Club.

Digital Rights:  Electronic Frontier Foundation

These are just some, I didn't even list any medical ones (cancer, aids, etc) because I just don't know what the good ones are.  My favorite, however, which is somewhat selfish, is Child's Play.  Now in it's 4th year, Child's Play was started by the guys who make Penny Arcade.  They collect toys, games, video games, and money for various children's hospitals across the country and world (even, gasp, canada!).  This is selfish because it is important to me that people understand that gamers and game companies gave $600,000 last year.  We occasionally do good things too.  Y'know, when we are tired of running over grandmothers and murdering hookers.

Anyway, post your personal favorites, or yell at me if I suggested a bad one :)

Abandonware is a go!

Librarian of Congress has made exemptions to the DMCA.  Games that you can't buy or reasonably get ahold of anymore are now legal to steal.  Yay!  Maybe that NES site will stay up a little longer after all?  Unfortunately, the Librarian did NOT exempt making copies of your own damn DVDs for your own damn portable devices cuz that's crazy.

Street Fighter: The Later Years

Hahahahahaha!  Part 1!  Part 2!

Ex Libris Anonymous

This is a very neat service.  Send them a hard cover book, they rip out the guts and put in journal paper, tada.  'Course, it requires the death of the original book, which is sorta sad, but it's still cool!

Pi Tattoo

I'm not convinced I'll like anything, even pi, for the rest of my life.  Nonetheless, if yer gonna get something inked, this is pretty nerd-cool :)

Nov 27, 2006


Propoganda, entertainment, some stuff I have no idea wtf it is.  Either way, these are very cool.

Movie Reviews @ The Temple

Okay, so here's some stuff I saw recently:

Babel: Very good.  Very tense.  Not a popcorn movie.  Also, it turns out, not a DATE movie.  But still very good, I felt, smart in the ways it had to be, understated in the politics, but effective.  I believe the other title they were kicking around for this movie was The World Is Fucked Up, subtitle: also, people speak different languages.  Nonetheless, great movie, go watch, don't bring popcorn.

Borat:  Shitty shitty movie!  And not for the reasons I expected.  We had a debate, the other day, about the validity of satire, if there's a "too far", when pranks are ok (on the Daily Show to Howie Mandel spectrum), etc.  I expected to have to debate w/ myself after seeing Borat why I laughed and whether it was ok that I did.  Trouble is, I barely laughed.  It wasn't god damn funny!  I don't mind offensive humor, I listen to Keith and the Girl!  I obviously don't mind smart humor.  Trouble is, this movie was neither smart, nor humorous.  Bad movie.

Manderlay:  Wtf?  This is the weirdest effin' movie I've seen in a long time.  I don't even know how to describe it.  A white lady comes to a 70-years-post-emancipation plantation still with slaves and decides to free them and make them self sufficient.  But it's done in a weird play-like way, the whole movie is on a white flat set that has a map drawn on it.  Set pieces are like a play, i.e. instead of a whole house, there's just a window here, a door there, a bed here, and a book case there.  Lit in such a way that you only see this circle of light where the important stuff is, and it's black beyond.  Very cool looking, really.  But super weird.  I like it for what it was trying to do, it is certainly a different movie than most.  But I think it failed in a few ways, chiefly in its heavy handed thesis.  Still, worth seeing.

Akeelah and the Bee:  Exactly what you would expect.  If that's your bag of bricks, go see it.

The Boys of Baraka:  Documentary on inner city Baltimore black jr. high age kids sent to school in Baraka, Kenya.  Generally very interesting all around.  Sad, as such things go.  Inspiring, as such things go.

40 Year Old Virgin:  I've actually seen this before, but I saw it again, and it's even funnier than I remember.  Everyone should see it!  Then I watched it again with commentary.  Then I watched it again.  So, yeah, it's funny.

The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada: Very good.  You should probably see it.

Nov 24, 2006

Pirates of the Saskatchewan

So I guess the Arrogant Worms are another folky canadian band, but with a little bit more of a weird al streak to them.  I don't really know, this is the only song I've heard so far, but it's pretty funny, and someone machinimating it is funnier still.

Nov 19, 2006

Edited Music

This is sorta cool, dude makes music by editing together him playing individual notes/beats, thanks D!

Casino Royale

Wow, I totally liked the new James Bond movie.  I've never really been into Bond, probably cuz I've only been around for the Brosnan era, whom I don't particularly like.  And all the old stuff is so old and i'm a young punk, so I don't appreciate any of it.  But I love Daniel Craig in the role, I've thought he was cool ever since Layer Cake.  I think almost everyone is happy with the idea of bond being a little less fancy than Brosnan too, I certainly am.  The poker thing bothered me a little, it seems very mid-oughts, what with texas hold em being all the rage, but oh well.  Anyway, ya'll should go see it.

Only other bad thing was I was sitting next to a freaking mouth breather the whole movie.  and I don't mean that as a critique of his intelligence, I mean he was literally a mouth breather.  I was sitting next to darth god damn vader the whole effin' movie!  And he was grunting and burping and got up halfway through to go get MORE candy and soda and jesus christ it was gross.  But still a great movie.

Oh, also, Century Theaters has turned to the dark(er) side and put the most ridiculous fake-reality bullcrap Coke ad in front of the movie.  Sigh.

Nov 18, 2006

Prop 107 Post Portem

So, I still can't believe AZ of all states is the one to reject the gay ban, I'm convinced it was a very good selling job by the cons, who never even mentioned gays when they said to vote it down.  Anyway, Andrew Sullivan, of whom I'm not the hugest fan, comments on the exit polls.  Educated people are smart, no surprise.  Very sad to see blacks so against it, I know it's a big cultural thing, not to mention the education, but propogation of prejudice sorta sucks.

Nov 17, 2006

Rings Games

Sorta fun.

McCain Quote

"Hypocrisy, my friends, is the most obvious of political sins -- and the people will punish it. We were elected to reduce the size of government and enlarge the sphere of free and private initiative. We increased the size of government in the false hope that we could bribe the public into keeping us in office. We lost our principles and our majority. And there is no way to recover our majority without recovering our principles first."

-- Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), quoted by the New York Times.


Too little, too late.  Can't increasingly cowtow to all those political sinners for the past 6 years and all of a sudden act like you were yelling iceberg.  You sold your principles to the far right base so you can get the nomination in 2 years, which you very well might, so good job.  But you also got rid of the "mediocre democrat vs. outstanding republican" debate I was maybe going to have to have with myself in two novembers, good job there as well.

Flat Screen TV


Nov 15, 2006


This game is super cool.

Politics Roundup

Bad, Fox!  That's a bad bad news agency.

An exact tie in Montana.  Wow, how dumb does that Kerns' cousin who forgot to vote feel? :)

Wth?  *couassholegh*

Yes please!

I don't understand the internal fighting w/ the Dems, it took like 12 hours, jesus.  Plus all this Murtha business.  Btw, I had no idea that the house majority leader wasn't automatically the same as the speaker of the house.  So, yeah, might not wanna come to me for your politics anymore.

EDIT: Olbermann on the Fox memo.
Murtha lost.

Physics Games

A whole list of physics games??  Just for me??  yaaaaaaaay.  Actually, I wanted to be super happy about this, but there's a lot of download-only pay-for-me games, I just want quick'n'easy flash games.  But I recognize a couple good games on the list, I'll have to go through it sometime and find some more.

Simpsons Trailer

Some things are funny.  Not all that funny, acutally, but I had a theme going there, man.


Some things are sorta beautiful, in their way.  I know I saw this a long time ago, I dunno if my blogger existed then, certainly my LJ didn't, so here it is.

We Weren't Put Together

Music video by David E. Sugar.  Some things are weird.  Peyote optional.

Scary Mary

hehe, I know we'll all get sick of this context remixing stuff soon, but not yet!


Okay, I've been away from my feeds for 5 days, here comes a bumrush of links.  I'm supposed to be studying!  First up, the sweetest/saddest animation I've ever seen.

Nov 12, 2006

One of those "meme" things

So, I'm in San Fransisco (or just outside it) and away from all my rss feeds and have nothing good to post.  So here's one of those questionairre things I got from my parents instead:

1. FIRST NAME?... Daithin... close enough!
3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY?.... Last time I was sad about girls, prolly!
6. KIDS... no
8. JOURNAL?...Does this count?
11 WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP... Already have!
14 DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG...I guess the whole point of this one is to determine your frame of reference?
15. FAVOURITE ICE CREAM........ Minty
17: Red or Pink.... I dunno, neither?  Oh fine, red I guess.
19. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST?... oh that's too embarassing
21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW... Keith and the Girl!!
22 IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE?... blue, prolly.  or silver
23. FAVOURITE SMELLS: yummy food?
24. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU?.....both of em, yup
FAVOURITE DRINK?.... mudslide!!
FAVOURITE SPORT TO WATCH.... football? basketball?  I dunno
26. EYE CLOUR... one of those pretty green/brown/blues
27. FAVOURITE FOOD?.... tofu
28. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING?... whichever is interesting
29. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED?.... last worthy of mention = the departed
31. SUMMER OR WINTER?...... summer
32. HUGS OR KISSES?.....Kisses.
33. FAVOURITE DESSERT?...... pudding
35. WHAT BOOK ARE YOU READING?.... God & Psychotherapy
36. WHAT DID YOU WATCH ON TV LAST NIGHT?... Wasn't around a TV last night
37. FAVOURITE SOUNDS? oh sheesh, good music I guess
38. ROLLING STONES OR BEATLES?.. paint it black, 's all I got
39. THE FURTHEST YOU BEEN FROM HOME?... South Pole.   Yeah, don't even try to top that.
40. DO YOU HAVE A SPECIAL TALENT?  I can use any GUI ever :oP
41 WHEN WERE YOU BORN?.... 6:23 pm?

One of those "meme" things

So, I'm in San Fransisco (or just outside it) and away from all my rss feeds and have nothing good to post.  So here's one of those questionairre things I got from my parents instead:

1. FIRST NAME?... Daithin... close enough!
3. WHEN DID YOU LAST CRY?.... Last time I was sad about girls, prolly!
6. KIDS... no
8. JOURNAL?...Does this count?
11 WOULD YOU BUNGEE JUMP... Already have!
14 DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STRONG...I guess the whole point of this one is to determine your frame of reference?
15. FAVOURITE ICE CREAM........ Minty
17: Red or Pink.... I dunno, neither?  Oh fine, red I guess.
19. WHO DO YOU MISS THE MOST?... oh that's too embarassing
21. WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW... Keith and the Girl!!
22 IF YOU WERE A CRAYON, WHAT COLOR WOULD YOU BE?... blue, prolly.  or silver
23. FAVOURITE SMELLS: yummy food?
24. DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON WHO SENT THIS TO YOU?.....both of em, yup
FAVOURITE DRINK?.... mudslide!!
FAVOURITE SPORT TO WATCH.... football? basketball?  I dunno
26. EYE CLOUR... one of those pretty green/brown/blues
27. FAVOURITE FOOD?.... tofu
28. SCARY MOVIES OR HAPPY ENDING?... whichever is interesting
29. LAST MOVIE YOU WATCHED?.... last worthy of mention = the departed
31. SUMMER OR WINTER?...... summer

Nov 10, 2006

Bush lied.... so?

I don't get it, whytf are people up in arms about this?  Yeah... he lied, this is the smallest lie he's ever told ever, and this is what gets your panties in a bunch?  He lied 2 days before an election about something he thought, I imagine, could hurt his party, whotf cares?!  I am eager to yell at bush for nearly anything, but jesus christ, he's not going to tell you every internal discussion of who's getting fired when he's 48 hours out of getting his ass handed to him.  Is it because he was caught on tape lying?  SOOO??!  What are we, republicans in 1998?  Pay the fuck attention, he's done actual bad things, his achilles heel is not in the HR Hiring department!

Ryan vs. Dorkman

Any time these two guys pose or anything, it's laughable, but the choreography and effects are pretty great for just a couple of random dudes.  And hey, slick ending.

Playstation Pornable

What's funnier, that the square adults are surprised that you can put porn on any internet enabled device?  Or that they think you need a credit card to get a hold of hardcore porn?  And who the hell uses a PSP to be a perv?  It would take half an hour just to type "what're you wearing"  Stupid local news sweeps.

Spiderman 3 Trailer

It looks super cool, but there's an awful lot going on here.  Unless the movie is 5 hours long, I dunno how they are going to do it all satisfyingly.

Nov 9, 2006

Office Space the Horror Movie

hahaha, too funny.

Water Music

PI'm not exactly sure what's going on here, but I'm pretty sure it's cool.

Uber-Cons = Batshit Insane


U Get an A, lol

Oh man, really?  I liked New Zealand, too.

Political Videos

Couple things today:

Maher on Larry KingDirect link.  Nothing too interesting here, I hope Bill doesn't fall too hard here, he's always steered away from personal things, including Bush's daughters and his drug history.  I'm sure his argument is that if you bash gays, you open yourself to outting.  I don't disagree, but gots to be careful.

Pelosi & BushDirect link.  So here we go, friendly friendly, everyone nice, work together, bipartisan.  Who will be the first to take their toys and go home?  Will some dems push for impeachment?  Will bush refuse to budge on iraq?

O'Rielly in denialDirect link.  Seriiously, dude, crazy ass American Heritage Foundation people even think you are blind.  Who is on your side??

Also, Ed Bradley, old black guy from 60 Minutes, died :(

Retail Me Not

Bugmenot has come out w/ a new thing, for coupon codes!  Cool!  No more googling for random codes of the month.


Ever done this to a $1k monitor?!


Nov 8, 2006

AP calls it for Webb

And NBC, Reuters, CBS, and ABC are agreeing.  7k is a lot of votes to make up with a recount.  Democratic senate, woo!  Now go do something useful!  Don't be lame!

Waves in a Free Sphere of Water

More physics!  Not a game, but still cool.

Orbit Game

I'm almost postive I've posted this or something much like it before, but wadaya gonna do, I love physics games!  I especially like how the coders don't think the universe is open, closed, OR flat.  They think the edges are bouncy. :)

Far Cry on the Wii

Granted, they are a couple years late to the Far Cry party, but this could be a very fun control scheme.

Claymation Kafka

Cool video.  Good song too.

Rumsfeld Gets The Boot

Hmm.... chastened much?  Good thing Rumsfeld has been such a "superb leader", though, otherwise we might be in a "shitstorm of trouble" in Iraq, eh?

Election Review

So, I know no one comes to the Temple for their up-to-the-minute political coverage, but I wanted to summarize anyway, especially the local things.

As everyone knows, dems got the house, by a good 30 seats.  No big surprise here, even for the staunchest republican.  First female speaker of the house ever, 3rd in line to president.  Welcome, sort of, to Israel in 1969, England in 1979, Canada in 1993, Ireland in 1997, and all the others I'm sure I don't know about (after all, I had to look up the dates even for those 4).

Senate is much closer, but things are looking good.  We needed 6 seats, w/o losing NJ or Maryland, which we didn't (I was afraid those dirty gays would hurt us in NJ, but it was ok, if close).  Ohio, Penn (haha, buh bye rick santorum), and Rhode Island came fairly easily.  Missouri was called for McKaskill shortly before I fell asleep watching CNN last night.  Looks this morning like Montana will flip to blue, though it's pretty close.  Tennessee was a lost cause cuz they are a bunch of racist assholes.  Sooo, Virginia.  Sigh.  It looks like Webb won, there will be a recount, and it will take weeks.  Odds are on Webb coming out on top, but who knows.  So we are either tied or have a 1 vote majority.  Yikes.

Oh, also, Lieberman won.  No surprise, but god dammit, I hate him.

Okay, local stuff.  Pederson lost, of course.  All us liberals down in Pima tried to pretend he had a chance, much like we tried to pretend we might vote Kerry 2 years ago, but we were just faking it.  Grijalva won of course, and Giffords as well, our one contribution to the national scene.  Napolitano was reelected of course.

Props I find interesting:

107 - Define Marriage - No - Yikes, we barrrrely got that one, I didn't think it'd be so close from polls.

204 - Don't Mistreat Farm Animals - Yes - By quite a bit, yay.

205 - Vote By Mail - No - I wasn't totally for this, I don't like it being ONLY one option, but  I'm not so opposed either, those hippies up in oregon seem to like it.  Maybe a dual option will come along next time.

200 - $1mil lottery for voting - No - Phew, the whole country won't be laughing at us.

202 - Raise Minimum Wage to 6.50 - Yes - How great is this?

301 - No probation for meth heads - Yes - Sigh, gotta keep fighting that oh-so-effective war on drugs, apparently.

Unfortunately couple of the "we don't trust them fer'ners" props went through.  No bail , no public programs, no punitive damages.  I don't care so much about english as the main language, I'm sort of fine with that in theory, except for the anti-immigrant passion fueling the idea.

All in all, a good day, assuming this recount comes up blue.  What next?  I have no idea, my money is on bush redefining the senate as a 49 member body and he "randomly" picks who gets in. :)

Also, all these moderate dems, man, I dunno what we're gonna do w/ em.  This wasn't exactly a huge liberal progressive pelosi/dean/clinton-loving landslide.  We got anti-abortion folks, anti-civil union folks, heavily military and religious folks.  It's a somewhat different party we liberal-leaning independents are relying on today.

Nov 7, 2006

Guess The Logo

This is hard!

Grand Theft Mario

This is pretty funny.


So I voted and I learned something.  My standard response to "that's an interesting name", which is "yeah, it's made up", doesn't work so well at a polling place, hahaha.  The point is my mom made it up, from a couple names.  But polling place people don't like to hear that your name is made up :)  Nothing happened, just a funny look before I tacked on the mom part of the story, but it was still weird!

BTW, I studied only the in-the-mail literature for about 30 min before rushing to vote so I could be only an hour late to work, sigh.  I really intended to do a better job, bad timing this year!

Dirty Tricks

What the hell?  What won't they try?!  1-888-DEM-VOTE if you notice any funny business at the polls!

Quik Condom

Well... that's... umm... slick.

Nov 6, 2006


!!  All my news feeds, all my favorite sites, not a single interesting thing to post all day??  Oh wait, here's something!  Clinton being awesome.

Also, go vote tomorrow.  Unless you are a dirty fer'ner.  Then you can't.  That'll teach you to be fer'n.

Nov 4, 2006

War of the Words

Hahahaha, speaking of the Douchebags of the 101st, this is hilarious.

How To Make A Bomb 101

Wow, have you seen this?  These guys really can't do anything right, can they?  They've been posting a lot of documents to the web for a while, as I understand it.  I guess under the idea that the more people that look at it, the better?  Unfortunately, one thing is apparently how to make a nuke.  In Arabic.  Oops.

I'm not sure what I think about it.  On the surface, disclosure isn't a horrible idea, nor is using mass-resources, the so called 101st Fighting Keyboarders (since obviouslly they can't hire arabic translators, especially if they are, god forbid, gay).  But not knowing at all what's in there and putting in the net.... that seems dumb.  On the other hand, I can't read arabic either, I don't know what those documents said.  Are people freaking out just to get Bush in more trouble?  Maybe it's the type of thing that is useless to anyone who has no real means to make a bomb (Random McTerrorist), and totally basic to someone who actually might (Iran).  Supposedly, experts have been asked, and they've said it's stuff that shouldn't be out, but dunno for sure.

Nov 2, 2006

Stationary Movies

Guess the movie from the visual clue.  I only got 8!

Dance Dance Immolation

I wanna play!

Jeu Chiant

Wth?  Stupid game!  Stop wasting my evening 25 seconds at a time!

"3D" Video

This is slick.  It's not really 3D, it's just 2D up in the air, but it's still slick.

The Secret Letter from Iraq

This is very interesting.  But I think people are latching on to it a bit too much.  Reading Wired's story on milblogs, it seems a good deal of people over there are pretty gungho.  And that's this guys thesis, in the end, in a way.  So I wouldn't go too far off on a tangent about the poor unheard soldier who is screaming for Bush's head, I'm not sure that's as universal as we'd like it to be.

Slow Motion Bullets

I think I've thought of another "the world is made up of 3 kinds of people"

People who see this and say:
1) Stuff exploding is cool!
2) Guns are bad!
3) I love physics!

Which are you?

Sour Death Balls

So busy!  So here comes a bunch of links in a row.  First up, Sour Death Balls!  's pretty funny, I especially like when the kids try to scrape the sour out of their mouths :)

Halloween 2006!

I'm really getting sick of this double-posting thing. You blogger folks are at risk of being forced to read the LJ instead! As such, it is too hard to remake this post in blogger, I already spent way too long on it in LJ, so go here to read about halloween!

Nov 1, 2006

Pandora Radio

I keep meaning to explore this more before I link it, but I keep not doing that, so I might as well.  Via brainysmurf, it's an internet radio thing, but you put in a favorite song/artist and it does voodoo and suggests stuff it thinks you will like in return.  Some of the suggestions are really great (HOW did it know I like pink martini?!), some of it's sorta goofy.  Reading why it suggested something can be entertaining too.

Married To The Sea

Funny comic site K pointed me to, sort of snotty/sarcastic one panel cartoons.  I haven't had time to look at much yet, but this is my fav so far.  Haha, this one too!

Oct 30, 2006

Digital Pumpkin Carving

Bit late on this one, but it's cool!

Mini Movie Reviews @ The Temple

Also known as I have too much time doing homework, so I get tons of movies watched.

The Lakehouse - A time traveling mailbox?!  SERIOUSLY?!

The Fast & The Furious 3 - HAHAHAHAHAHA

One Last Thing... - Surprisingly good.  If you are in the mood for it, pretty touching, slightly creepy.

Brick - Call it... film noir in a high school.  Or call it poop on a stick.  Both are applicable.

Rumor Has It - Interesting idea, especially the part where zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

The Prestige - Surprise ending about as surprising as my F&F3 review.  Much suspension required.  Otherwise, pretty good.

Oct 29, 2006

MJ Fox Again

Okay, at this point, I am almost positive that the democrats paid Limbaugh to make a stink about this.  Michael J Fox has gotten an insane amount of press ever since, all of it favorable, all of it sympathetic, and all of it driving voters to finally feel the tiniest bit about how stem cell research might affect people.

Oct 28, 2006

Stay The Course

Hahaha, while I'm deciding what I think of Olbermann, this is positively Daily Show-esque.

Incidentally, I think it can be said that he is obviously not a newsman.

Chaos Faction

Twitch Game.  Don't play it, you'll just end up wanting to do the whole thing, and then you'll just end up punching your comptuer because it takes you 300 tries to beat that last guy.  Then again, maybe that's just me.

Oct 27, 2006

NBC/CW won't play Dixie Chicks Ad


Double Wires Game

It's not all politics here at the Temple, I swear!

Dave, no I mean Jeff

Hehe, why must you make it so easy?

Keith Olbermann

Looks like half my posts will be politics for the next 2 weeks, so next up, I can't decide what I think of Keith Olbermann.  I, as a rule, don't watch 24 hour cable networks.  I don't like what's become of them in the Fox era, and I generally choose not to support them (not that they know, but you know what I mean).  So I haven't seen a lot of Olbermann, never watched it on an actual TV, just links online.  He's a big critic of Bush'n'them, so obviously that's great.  But he comes across a little too rabid for me.  There is a vitriol in his mannerisms that weirds me out.  I mean, I'm with Bill Maher: "Where is the outrage?"  I want someone to be pissed, I want lots of people to be pissed.  Maybe online links have a selection effect that bias me, I'm not sure.  I guess I'll have to watch his actual show a couple of times to get a good measure.  Any thoughts?

Oh, I also think he as absolutely not earned rights to "Good Night and Good Luck"  Do I really have to quote Bentsen v Quayle here??

Michael J Fox

I sort of assume everyone has seen this, I always miss the big stories for that reason.  But just in case, quick recap: Michael J Fox did an ad for a senate race in Missouri, for the democratic candidate who supports stem cell research (as he obviously does).  The big hooplah came cuz Rush Limbaugh decided he was faking or purposefully slacked on medication to make the commercial more effective.  Even going so far as to mimic/mock Fox's motion.  Sadly, real life had to intrude.  Point is, if he had stopped his medication, he wouldn't be able to move at all.  Turns out it was an exess that produced those particular symptoms.  Is he using his celebrity and sad condition to push people into caring?  Umm...duh.  If I couldn't sit still for 2 seconds, if I didn't have control of my own body, I think I'd do whatever I had to to make people pay attention.  Another fun point, no conservatives complained when Fox used his celebrity for Arlen Specter in 2004!  Though I did find one blog post of liberals complaining how he's not even american, hahaha.  Careful liberals, a counter-asshole is still an asshole.

And on an even larger point, it's amazing that Rush Limbaugh can say mission accomplished!  We are spending more time talking about whether Fox was faking than about the actual issue!  And as much as folks like me are jumping up and down screaming that Limbaugh is EVIL, he is going to get away with it just fine.  He's not going to get Dixie Chick'd for saying such things, it's perfectly acceptable for a conservative to make amazingly outrageous claims and not even express remorse, let alone feel consequences!  Meanwhile the more official members of their cabal reap political capital from the whole event.

Then again, Fuck Limbaugh.

Oct 26, 2006

Rolling Stone's Worst Congress Ever

This is interesting, and looooong, but interesting.  Biased, of course.  Lots of numbers on what the republicans have or haven't done, some comparisons to the past, some suspiciously absent, some seeming to keep with the trend of american politics of the last 100 years.  If (pleeeease) the democrats really do get the houses back, we'll have to see if it really is a trend or not.

Oct 25, 2006

Boob Physics

Haha, wow.  When I first saw a post on this link, I thought "big deal, game makers focus on boobs, nothing new."  But holllly crap, it is absolutely ridiculous how those things move.  It's like they've got jello blobs glued to their chests, it's insane.

Btw, do I really have to say NSFW?  No one is reading or watching anything I post at work, I hope!

PS3 Ads

So these are interesting.

They are pretty talkative, and they claim a lot, w/o any real frame of reference.  I'm sure the antis would argue each point.  But more than that, the ads aren't cool.  Seems like Sony is going to have to figure that part out pretty soon.

That dogfight is nice though.

Oct 24, 2006

Brave New World

So, I finally finished Brave New World.  I'm gonna blab for a while here, just so yas know.  I gotta say, it didn't catch me like 1984 did.  In fact, I was not reading at all, so I had to download the ebook so I could listen on my walk to & fro work, which got me through it much quicker.  The thing was, it did not feel like the same type of book as 1984.  Maybe I should have known that ahead of time, not sure.  Somehow 1984 seemed grander, maybe because of it's correllaries to today, maybe because it felt more like the main charcter, though he was an individual, had a very common story.  This book felt more focused on Bernard, and then John, as if they were rarities.  It's easy to extrapolate that the events are commonplace, but it doesn't seem the point, maybe I got it wrong.


There's also some analysis of the nature of people I found interesting, in a very different way than 1984.  Somehow very interesting and fundamental, but does not feel epic like 1984 did.  Nonetheless, these three quotes are good ones:

"I'd rather be myself.  Myself and nasty.  Not somebody else, however jolly."  That one strikes me in a certain way.  In a way which I imagine only people from whom it rings true would get.

"Success went fizzily to Bernard's head, and in the process completely reconciled him (as any good intoxicant should do) to a world which, up till then, he had found very unsatisfactory." A sort of obvious one, I guess, but seems important to me.

"One of the principal functions of a friend is to suffer (in a milder and symbolic form) the punishments that we should like, but are unable, to inflict upon our enemies."  Yikes, eh?


The nature of the society only became very interesting toward the end when the Coordinater is explaining it all.  The first half is an almost insultingly basic "reveal" of how the society works, but the second part is legitamately interesting analysis of some aspects of the society.  I'd have to quote the whole chapter to discuss it here, and I'm sure you have all stopped reading already.  There is some of the natural utopian discussion.  If we are all happy but don't choose to be so, is that ok.  If you are given everything you could possibly want, there is no passion, so no instability.  Are we less for never having to deal with unhappiness.  There are also some very cool thoughts on the use of god(s) in society - that their presence was their purpose in older socities, but that their absence is their purpose in this one of permanent happiness.  Gah, it's too much to go into, but it is a great chapter.

Elsewhere in the book, though, there some other good passages:

Very early on, as we are introduced to this world, the Controller is explaining how history doesn't matter.  "He waved his hand; and it was as though, with an invisible feather whisk, he had brushed away a little dust, and the dust was Harappa, was Ur of the Chaldees; some spider webs, and they were Thebes and Babylon and Cnossos and Mycenae.  Whisk.  Whisk - and where was Odysseus, where was Job, where were Jupiter and Gotama and Jesus? ..."  That's a good one yeah?  Very similar to 1984, or rather 1984 similar to it.

In the foreward, some time is given to Huxley's own comments on the issues of the day.  Discussing overpopulation (a continually threatening, dramatized, reconciled, and again threatening circle we seem to deal with), and the international conflicts it would create, he says "Permanent crisis justifies permenant control of everybody and everything by the agencies of the central government."  Seen the latest Osama/Zarqawi/Bush ad?


So, obviously, it's still a very good book, just didn't have the impact on me as 1984.  I don't think I'll read Revisted, leastaways not right now, it doesn't seem to have been very well accepted.  I might take a break for a horror/scifi podcast novel by Scott Sigler real quick.  But then I'll have to get into We before I forget 1984 and ABNW (though I'm hoping these posts help with that)

Okay, /blabbing

Dilbert Blog

Some stories are just cool.


So I guess this is the thing of the moment?  Money = Bad.  Gotcha.

The Google

Seriously, you have to be trying to sound this dumb, yeah?

Engine Model

This is pretty cool.  You'll probably want to FFWD past some of the assembly, get's old, but seeing it work is neat.

Oct 23, 2006

Slow Motion Dragster

Woah, I didn't know tires could do that.

Mick B's Youtubers

Y'know, I can't decide if this is a really honest look at random people and random lives, or a sad self-obsessed signature of modern Warhol culture.  On the one hand, all these people put all these videos on youtube, somehow thinking anyone would find it interesting, which none of them are.  At the same time, this compilation is looking at these people from a step or two back, the kinds of people, where they come from, what they think is important, how unbearably common they (and we) are.  Can that be interesting without participating in the reality TV, look at me, I'm important circle of internet life?  I dunno.

Klingon Rap

Seriously. C'mon.  Don't you understand that the whole world can see you?!  C'MON!

Bush ignores Senate

Bush, however, I do not love.  Not even in a gay kissing way.

Gay Kissing in Bully

OH EM GEE!!!!  Rockstar, oh how I love thee - in a totally gay kissing way - let me count the ways!  One Kiss!  Two Kiss!  Three Kiss!  Ah Ah Ah!

Oct 22, 2006

Dem/Rep PC/Apple Ads

So, these aren't funny.  How come liberals can be smart (most college educated people, etc).  And liberals can be funny (most comedians/actors, etc).  But liberals have a terrible time being funny and smart/effective at the same time?  It's the whole bumper sticker debacle again!

BTW, I've made another ridiculous character in City of Villains.  A brawler named The Activist Judge! hahahaha!

Collection of Trompe Loeils

I think mea mater might like this one.

MIT Student Hacks Door Lock

Go Go Gadget Nerd!

Zune = Fuck


Oct 20, 2006

Less Than Three

Do you love eurodance?  No?  Well then I would advise strongly against clicking this.

Oct 18, 2006

Clinton @ Georgetown

Just to show I'm linkily (shut up, it's a word) dynamic, here is Clinton (the one who is still good) speaking at Georgetown.  Why oh why can't he still be president?  Imagine, a politician who ever says "on both sides" or "to be fair to them"

I don't love glib catch phrases, but obviously if we let them get away with Compassionate Conservative and They Hate Us For Our Freedom, we gotta do something.  "Common Good" ain't so bad, at least it's short, Kerry would have said the same thing in no less than 20 words :)

Bowling + Rollercoaster = Fun!

Hahaha, this is great.  That's a good TMBG song too.

Lightsaber Practice

This is dumb.  But it is also, and I'm sensing a theme here, not Zemax.

Arizona is the Dumbest State

I'm proud to be an Arizonan... where I barely know how to count to three...

Fare Thee Well, Habeas Corpus


Olbermann's take.

Via Kos.

And a 4 year old Onion article which is equal parts funny, depressing, and prophetic.

Oct 17, 2006


What!  I did not play this game for like 2 hours.  Screw you!

Get's pretty boring by level 28, though, I had to stop.


Holy crap this is awesome.  Someone animated one of those weird spams that seem to have random sentences in them.  Used to call it spam poetry, but this is even better!

McDonald's MP3 Players w/ Trojans

Yikes, that's no good.

EDIT: Apple too!


An Internet Questionnaire, Twice Stolen, but which is most definitely not Zemax, which appeals to me at the moment.


1. What does a usual breakfast consist of for you?

Breakfast?  I think that's the thing that people have while I'm getting 15 extra minutes of sleep?


2. You are having dinner with your friends. What type of food do you usually decide on?

Thai!  No, indian!  Wait, I meant italian!  Or chinese .... slash pizza ... slash mexican.  Um... hows about "Yummy"?


3. What was/is for dinner tonight?

No idea, hopefully not chips.


4. What type of cake do you like best?

Carrot cake, or angelfood.  Made with organic, free-range angels, if possible.


5. What is your favorite flavour ice cream? Do you put anything extra on it?

Something minty.


6. What would go into your ideal stir fry?

Finally a question that coddles my indecisiveness!  Tofu, broccoli, spinach, tofu, bok choy, edamame, tofu, carrots, flat noodles, spicy sauce, green onions, crushed peanuts, and tofu.  And maybe tomatoes and peppers, chopped verrrry small, just so people don't look at me so weird.  And tofu.


7. Which take away/out place is the one you frequent the most?

Meh, Jack in the Box's breakfast sandwiches made w/o meat, or Del Taco's bean'n'cheese burritos.  But only to avoid #3.

William Shatner is Canadian

Hehe, via ellie222this is good.  Yay.  For.  Making.  Fun.  Of.  Yourself.

Oct 16, 2006

Oct 15, 2006

The Departed

I just saw the Scorsese movie The Departed.  I had heard it was very good, one of those epic classic cop/mob type movies.  Holy crap did I hear right, it was totally amazing.  2.5 hours and I loved almost every second of it.  The story, the humor, the acting, the editing it was all so good.  I do say almost every second, because there's one part, literally 5 seconds, that sorta messes everything up.  But if he'd just cut that bit out, it'd be a masterpiece!  Go see it!  Go now!

Oh, also saw the big screen version of the trailer for The 300 that I mentioned a few months ago.  Looks 3 times as good when its all huge and not crappy quality, I can't wait.


Dios Mio!!  El es Diablo!!  Hehe.

Aurora Borealis Time Lapse

Oh em gee, so pretty.

Oct 11, 2006

Find 75 Bands

Finally!  It was requested I find another one of these Netherlandish Proverbs-like games (though this is obviously not that in style, more in the sense of visual metaphors, or whatever you would call it).  And I finally did!  See if you can find the 75 bands in this picture.

Post (has spoilers in the comments, so don't go here if you don't want to see answers).

Normal Size.

Uber Size.

Stop Motion

Back to links!  You can never have too much stop motion!  Leastaways, I can't.

Introducing... Andrew!!

Hey folks, more personal business today! I'd like to introduce you (and anyone you know who wants a terribly cute dog) to Andrew! I just got him, oh... 10 minutes ago :) I'm fostering him through CARA (same group as Goldie and Little Bear). He is a 2 year old poodle/terrier mix, freshly vaccinated, will get neutered next week. He is the cutest thing ever, I can't resist doggies with beards and eyebrows! He's a bit unhealthy at the moment, but I'll fix that up soon enough. So if ya'll know anyone who wants one of the cutest dogs ever (it's not like he can compete with Oregano, I mean, that's not even fair), let me know!

Draw Game

Waste some more time!


Another word game, good for wasting 20 min.

QWERTY Monument

Well, that's fun.

Oct 10, 2006

Tango Fire

I don't usually post anything that doens't happen to me through an RSS feed, but I just saw Tango Fire at Centennial.  Holy shit!  It was so good!  I checked, and they aren't going to CO or WA, they've already done CA, and Mesa is tomorrow.  But... well... go see them somehow anyway!  So good!

Star Wars on Sesame Street


Stickman Madness

Blood & Sticky Guts


get it?  sticky?  ehh?  ehhhhhh?

Just Pack a Gun

Cool idea for decreasing your chances of losing luggage w/ somethign expensive in it - just pack a starter pistol and declare it!

Of course, all the stats on how many weapons and such get through, the TSA isn't exactly the pinnacle of efficiency (though they do find EVERY sign calling Kip Hawley a clear plastic douchebaggy)

Inside Easy Cheese

Umm... yum? Or not.

Oct 8, 2006

"Full Surface Screen" Cellphone

Wow! That is effin' sexy.  Must be some sorta hard key lock, otherwise you could never put it anywhere, but that is nice.  I don't actually like touch screens practically, but they are very nice to look at :)

Simulation Whiteboard

Okay, this is super interesting, but I want to know more.  How did it know how the pendulum is anchored?  Is that the only way something that looks like that can work?  Does a circle around always mean select?  What if you want something to be in a circular container?  Maybe you have to draw it as a full thing, not a negative?  What if the selection is boxey?  What are the parameters on those springs?  Lots of cool ideas, but they are only good for a preplanned demo unless they are flexible.  Granted, the idea here isn't a finished product, but a concept for a design environment, as he puts it.  Still, it makes me feel as anxious as it does excited!  There are too many good ideas poorly implemented already!

Oct 6, 2006

Paths Flash Game

Too hard!  I got frustrated and quite on level 4!

Ruben's Tube

I'm pretty sure I've seen one of these IRL before, but this is still awesome.  I love physics!

Effin' GENIUS!

Now why didn't I think of this?

Water from air

This is cool, very... umm... what's those suits from Dune?  zoot suits?  no... uh.... you know what I mean, it's sorta like that.  Sorta.

My favorite line is "We figured out how to tap it in a very unique and proprietary way" (my emphasis)


Oct 4, 2006

Warthog Launch


Silly game.

Invitation to Hackers

See now, that's responsible and reasonable.  You know your stuff could be a big bad if it's easily hacked, so instead of locking it up in a closet and pretending that it's perfect and suing anyone who suggests otherwise, you actually ask people to try and hack it!  Pretty much everyone should do that with any OS level software they write :)

Bill O'Reilly labels Foley a Dem

Oh jeez, these assholes aren't even being subtle anymore.

Oct 3, 2006

Cornell Robot Chair

Y'know, I was gonna have ya'll over for dinner on saturday, but then I was like... *sigh*, I don't want to have to put together all my chairs myself... but wait!  What's this?!

Left Brain Right Brain

Things like this make me feel dumb!

Best Fight Scenes Ever

If by best, you mean worst.



Great Big Sea

Dude, these guys are awesome.

Just sayin'

Only through their latest album, but Captain Kidd is the greatest song ever.

Katie's Revenge

Holy crap.  No one feels even the tiniest bit bad for this guy.  But even still, woah!


With Ipods


With Maxtors

Eat Poop You Cat

This looks fun!  Who wants to play?

Exploding Hello Kitty

HA!  I knew this crap was to be our doom!  This Is Only The Beginning.

Oct 2, 2006

Audrey Hepburn Gap

Wth? THE GAP?!  Have you seen this?  It's bullcrap.  Whether you love AC/DC, or you love Audrey Hepburn, this is an effin' abomination!