Sep 23, 2005


I PASSED!!! I PASSED MUTHAFUCKAS I PASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED. Suck it prelims!! Suck it hard! and suck it long!!

Just barely though! 68.8%! the average was 67.4%! hahahaha! above 70 is pass. below 60 is fail, in between is in between. so PHEW!

Hollly crap attack

This is just nuts, this guy has more toys than god. Warning, it'll take 30 years for the page to load, lots of big pictures. Coincidentally, that is also the amount of time it will take him to get a girl into a house that looks like that ;)

Sep 21, 2005

Sep 20, 2005

C+ Board Game

Okay, yes, very nerdy. But, maybe if I had played that as a kid I wouldn't suck at programming!

Sep 17, 2005

Oh man, awful joke

Heard this on Dawn&Drew:

What does George Bush think of Roe vs. Wade?

(highlight to see the answer)

He doesn't care how they get out of New Orleans.

"If you think stopping gays from doing it is more important than the icecaps melting, the Boogeyman is you."

Oh good, I was hoping someone would rip New Rules from Real Time, I love that last line.

Sep 12, 2005

Bush = Extraordinary!!

Well, according to him anyway.

Didn't I used to put nerdy links here?

Bye Bye Abortions

Not to be trite, but I think we have successfully voted, by proxy, to overturn Roe vs. Wade, now that there are two openings and plenty of time to fill them badly. So, yeah... good job everyone, or half of everyone anyway. It will be a state's issue, a couple years from now, so, find yourself on the list.

Sep 11, 2005

Bush's response

Two stories on Bush's response to Katrina from Newsweek and Time. Interesting from Newsweek is how much local and state response may be to blame. As much as I think Bush and "Brownie" deserve most of it, I can't help but think there was at least 24 hours there where it seems someone closer made mistakes.

Dam in Arkansas

I thought maybe this was already spread around, but just in case, this is the funniest and smartest joke of the year!

Very cool

Very well done animation about Trusted Computing. Even if you don't agree with it (which you should), they still did a really good job.


Zogby Poll. Bush has his lowest approval rating ever. He would lose an election to any president from the last 30 years if the election was today. Yet he'd still beat Kerry. Wow.

Sep 8, 2005


A ruling that says you are allowed to flat out lie in campaign ads! ! .... ?! .... REALLY?! Free speech, yes, but come on! All political ads should be under oath, and if you lie, you go to jail!

Geraldo = a human being?

What do you know, journalists doing their jobs, awful and amazing.

Sep 2, 2005