Oct 23, 2007

Movie Reviews @ The Temple

30 Days of Night - Pretty damn cool!  Couldn't have been the comic, it's too weird a comic.  So they threw in some boring story and poorly developed characters.  But the core idea is still awesome, and it's bloody as a mopho, 's great.  Y'know what's fun?  Running around an empty parking garage after seeing a vampire movie.  Doesn't matter if vampires aren't real, if you are running in a spooky place, it feels like you are being chased.

The Invisible - Been meaning to watch this forever, so it sorta had some build up in our heads.  We liked it ok, it's kinda dumb in parts, but I liked it.

1408 - This one was pretty good.  John Cusack does a pretty good job going totally nuts.  It's scary in a very different way than 30 Days, pretty psychological, but I still like it.  It felt sort of like Silent Hill 4, which was cool.  Anyway, thumbs up!

Oct 10, 2007

Cool Case Mods

I loooove the sliding doors on the japanese-inspired oneThe rest here.

Junk Mail = Suck

So here's a couple useful things.  Sort of like the "do not call" list that happened a few years ago.  I never signed up for it, I figured it was just a list for some people to abide by, and for others to seize upon.  'sides, I don't have a landline so I never get telemarketers.  But these two are for junk mail and catalogs.  And I figure I can't possibly get any MORE of these things, so why not?

No More Catalogs, Please

Nor Junk Mail, Thank You

Ignis Solus

Brilliant machinima.  This could totally be pixar.