Sep 30, 2006

Sterlize Bad Parents

Holy shite.

Protester = Terrorist

BOO! BOO BOO BOO! The senate just unanimously passed a bill that labels civil disobedience as terrorism! Story here. Text of the bill here. It is nominally against "eco-terrorists", whom I naturally have no love for when they burn down half a forest to save the forest cuz there was a house in it. They just make us look bad. Arrest them all you want, but the bill also contains this bit of wonderfulness:

`(1) for an offense involving exclusively a nonviolent physical obstruction of an animal enterprise or a business having a connection to, or relationship with, an animal enterprise, that may result in loss of profits but does not result in bodily injury or death or property damage or loss--

`(A) not more than $10,000 and the length of imprisonment shall be not more than 6 months, or both, for the first offense; and

`(B) not more than $25,000 and the length of imprisonment shall be not more than 18 months, or both, for a subsequent offense;

So if I stand in front of Nalgene and protest them making those little plastic blocks that hold rabbits in place for makeup testing or whatevertf, I can go to jail for 6 months?!?! Bullllllllllllshit!

2D => 3D

From a picture. Cool.

Dog Health

This is no good. I've also heard before that Greenies can cause internal badness, but never really seen a whole lot of proof either way. Of course the companies say nono, and then there's one study that says yes yes. Not exactly conclusive, maybe it's just a weird allergy and 8 dogs in 2 years die of, like, dirt ingestion too. Ah well, here's your grain of salt.

Sep 27, 2006

Giant Bugs Attacking Germany

My god!! we're all gonna dieeeeeee!

Other Recommendations

Well, if I'm going to be recommending a show, and not just an individual thing, I might as well mention some others. My favorites are in the link bar, but I don't want to blab about them all, so the bestest of the bests are Keith and the Girl and The Show with Ze Frank. The former is a daily hour-ish podcast, nominally Keith and his gf Chemda, often w/ guests. It's the funniest podcast I know, though it is very very inappropriate in many many ways. But you should listen, it's awesome. The latter is a daily short vidcast by a dude named Ze (zay) Frank. He's very funny, very smart, and very cool.

You should be watching both of those, they are my favorite parts of the internet day. Seriously. Go now!

Showbiz Newsy News

Heard about this vidcast on Podcast 411. Sort of a David Spayde Hollywood Minute thing, but animated and a lot raunchier. Half the jokes are sorta obvious and crap, but the other half are really funny :)

Halo RTS

On the fake-war front, this is completely uninteresting to me. Who wants to play an RTS on a console anyway? Maybe I'd be more jazzed if I was into the Halo mythology. But... I'm not, so... *BORing*

Convoy Ambush in Iraq

So, I don't really know if I should be posting more news-ish news items. I figure people can go elsewhere for that stuff. When the pope first said his dumbass thing, I almost posted it, and then decided not to cuz I really hoped it wouldn't explode. Nice how that turned out. So anyway, I dunno about venturing into this type of stuff, partially because I don't think I could keep up with all the real news anyway! Still, I thought this was important.

Maps of War

This is pretty cool, good perspective on the extent of the various empires that have ruled the Middle East. I don't like the ending, though. As real as an Iranian design over the region and influence in Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon might be, you shouldn't ruin your nice informative thing w/ the little implications at the end.

Sep 22, 2006


HOLY SHIT! How insanely good does this look?? Plus it's Frank Miller, he can't do wrong, yeah? It's called 300, btw. I guess the trailer is having trouble staying online, so search of the link goes down.

Sep 21, 2006

AMV Hell Championship Edition

Hahaha! Not normally the type of thing I'd link, it's a big compilation of AMVs, (anime done to some music, in this case to comedic effect). It's longer than god, so it needs some fastforwarding at points, but there are some pretty good ones in there.

Lazy Viewer's Guide:
Good ones are at:
4:05 (2 in a row)


Hmm, is this the next Lord of the Rings? Or the next Dungeons and Dragons? Looks a bit too like the latter, to me. Hopefully it still lands somewhere around Dragonheart, eh? Either way, Eragon is too close to Aragorn.

Nudist Trampolining Game

So dumb!

M&Ms + Breughels = WAY COOL

Holy crap! It's a game, visual clues to identify movie titles. But it is absolutely in the style of a Brueghel painting. I suck at the game, I can barely get any, but I love it!

New switch = No Explodey

This is cool, theoretically prevents those pesky laptop batteries from 'sploding. Of course, that woulda been nice to think of BEFORE they started exploding. But *shrug*, it's not like I thought of it either :)

Mighty Illusions

Looks like those chalk drawings were from this blog. It has many more, plus lots of other really cool things.

Nerdy Sidewalk Chalk Art

I've never seen these in a nerdy flavor before!

Batman & Robin

Sep 17, 2006

T.E.D.D.Y. 2D => 3D


My Animted World

Ok, enough semi-seriousness from Engadget! Next up - more stop motion animation!

Exploding ThinkPad @ LAX

Well, shit, now there's no way they are gonna let me bring my laptop to Livermore. I like that part about "too many viruses" though :)

Microsoft vs. FairUse4WM

So I guess Microsoft is getting a little pissy about people posting FairUse4WM (which breaks the DRM on their PlaysForSure (ExceptNotAlways) service). Big balls to BG4G for standing up to them!

Embedded RFID in DVDs

'Scuse me? Ahem, I'm sorry, what I meant to say was, "How would you like, to suck my balls, Mr. Garrisson"

I'm gonna assume this either won't happen or will be easily fixed by zapping the RFID somehow. And hopefully that doesn't break the disc all together.

Sep 13, 2006

Someone = Someone Else

So I guess this is the new thing, you speed up or slow down some famous song, and it magically sounds like someone else is singing. Sounds dumb, and is, but still sorta fun :) Muse = Gwen Stefani. Gwen Stefani = Ricky Martin. Kylie = George Michael.

No brown people in my park!

Yikes, I dunno if that was the best title, but anyway, here's the next thing to be angry about. An Alderman in Tennessee has suggested some fairly retarded ideas (article pasted after) about the increasing number of hispanics in those parts - no hispanics in the park, spanish=illegal, etc. The barbed wired fence thing is a little exaggerated. I think what he means is to set up a tent city like Arpaio and stick illegals there, since they are dirty dirty criminals. It's still pretty nuts, but he doesn't want them chained TO the barbed wire, which is the image that at least came to my mind. Granted, this is just one hick dude and it won't work and it's ridiculous and all that. But as cautious as I am to not become a rabble-rabble crowd member shaking my fist at the appointed target, neither do I think we should just shrug these people off as a minority. There's a ton of people who nod their heads listening to this guy, and when we ignore them long enough, they all get up and vote for Bush twice in a row.


"In last month's Mayor and Aldermen Meeting on July 18, City Manager Paul Nutting
and at least one Alderman made negative comments about the large number of
Hispanics that populate the park on the weekends."

"In last month's city meeting, Alderman Ken Cherry expressed concerns for safety in the parks because of the big Hispanic crowds on weekends. Monday, he admitted his sentiments are not limited to the parks. He said, 'If I could do what I wanted to do, any illegal alien would be holed up in a barbwire tent and we'd haul them up to where they came from and turn them loose.'"

"When asked to comment on the possibility that not every Hispanic using the park was an 'illegal immigrant', Alderman Cherry responded, 'If they're speaking Spanish, I tend to think they are illegal.' ... On Tuesday he said, 'The comment that I made about if they're speaking Spanish they're illegal immigrants, that's probably a little strong. In my mind, that's an indication that the possibility may......exist.'"

"Not all members of Springfield's Board of Mayor and Alderman, however, are in agreement with Cherry's position on the issue. Assistant City Manager Gina Holt said, 'If you polled all seven of them, they'd all have a totally different opinion probably and as a board they have not taken any action yet as far as establishing any policies related to the parks or any other services right now.'"

"Springfield's Board of Mayor and Aldermen plan to hold a community meeting on September 7 to discuss the issues they've encountered with what Alderman Cherry terms the 'growing Hispanic problem.' ... Assistant City Manager Gina Holt said the goal of the September 7 board meeting is to achieve an arrangement that is fair and equitable for all."

In the 1960's, Nashville closed its public swimming pools rather than allow them to be open to desegregated use.

WIPO Broadcasting Treaty

WTH?! No! Go away! Whatabunchacrap. It basically says that being a broadcaster gives you copyright. So WakaWakaTV airs Boring Old Movie which is public domain, and then WakaWakaTV has the copyright for 50 years of their broadcast of that movie. Of course, everyone thinks this is retarded, and it probably won't happen, because apparently this happens every 6 months or so and doesn't work, but still! I didn't really know about this WIPO group, so they earn my Righteous Indignation of the Moment ;)

White 'n Nerdy

More Weird Al! This is the funniest thing since It's All About The Pentiums, haha. Here's the lyrics too.

How to Hack


Sep 11, 2006

Don't Download This Song

Hahaha. This song was awesome BEFORE someone animated it. Now it's three kinds of awesome.

Strange Days

Here's a weird little live-action/animation mix thing. It's sorta cool, anyway.

Popsicle Timelapse

That's pretty gross, huh?

Real Life FPS

Ha, so dumb.

Transformers Stop-Motion Animation

Way Cool! The effects are sorta crappy, but it's good for just some dude in his house!

Look! He did an X-men one too!

Lego Chaingun

Holy crap! Watch the video!

One Million Ways to Die

Nice Wired article on the many more likely ways to die than terrorism. We all knew it was true, but color-coding makes it FEEL true. Gotta love that truthiness.

Xbox 360 Laptop


Cardboard Upright Bass

Heh, sounds a little funky, but still pretty cool!

Sep 9, 2006

Hollywood Halo Music Video

Hahahaha. This is too silly. It's just Halo acted out to various popular songs. Maybe it's only funny after two Mike's, two glasses of wine, and a buncha Bailey's, I'm not sure :)

Sep 8, 2006

Team Rocket Jumping in Quake

NO FUCKIN' WAY! I can't believe I just watched 16 minutes of rocket jumping and didn't get bored until 12 minutes in! That stuff is effin' amazing.

Sep 6, 2006


Holy crap on a stick, this is the hugest pixel art I've ever seen!

Site has been getting hammered, here's the duggmirror too.

Video Game Marching Band

Video games & marching band?! How come I don't love this? Maybe just the quality, maybe video games don't translate to brass that well, not sure :/

Rise of the Silver Surfer

Hey, how come I didn't know the 2nd Fantastic Four movie has Silver Surfer? That's cool, I guess. Wonder if it'll be dumb.

Sex ID

I took the Sex ID test from sfcommand's LJ, looks like I scored 25-ish in maleness. 50 is avg for guys, 50 femaleness is avg for girls. Wanna try?

Sep 5, 2006

In This Corner

1988: A boy's quest to beat the hardest game ever! This film is really only cool for a certain segment of 80s kids, but for those of us, it is 3 kinds of awesome :)

How It Should Have Ended

A bunch of animations for how certain movies "should" have ended, it's pretty funny :)

Star Trek 40th Anniversary

Wow, this actually isn't half bad. I wish the cuts were 50% slower, but I guess they had a lot to get in. Over all, very nice.

Sep 4, 2006

You Are A Pirate

Oh em gee, remember that pirate animation I linked a while ago? No? Well it was this.

Well, it's originally from some kid's show! Friggin' weird!

Sep 3, 2006

Gay Sheep!

Well, this is interesting. I got the link from a vegan blog, but I'm as interested in the research as the animal treatment part. It seems a reasonable summary of the studies going on, but I'm not terribly well-versed in this stuff, maybe it's missing a whole side that reveals it as a biased article. The vegans' concern is that they are killing the gay sheep to look at their brains and try to figure out where all that gayity comes from. They claim that the dude doing it wants to "cure" it, but every link so far is just that claim, and not something from the actual dude indicating, overtly or not, that that's his goal. Hard for me to tell if it's just the animal activists needing to make him more evil to get more carnivores on their side, or if he's really as much a dickbag as they claim. Maybe I should do more than 5 min of google research before posting things, hm? :)


This little animation is great! Those fer'ners and their cute films!


How effin' cool is this video?

Sep 1, 2006


Fun game, too much thinking though, I didn't play to the end :)

Dog Eat Dog

So Bully is the next big Rockstar (Grand Theft Auto) game, Enter The Controversy. Apparently in Europe they are renaming it to Canis Canem Edit, which is not only a ridiculous change, but it also a ridiculously awesome title :)