Sep 13, 2007

Movie Reviews @ The Temple

The Kovac Box - Meh, thought this might be interesting, but wasn't really.  Evil mastermind has a dastardly trap and dude & chick have to get out of it, snore.

Alpha Dog - Not bad!  Nothing revolutionary, just a bunch of kids getting in trouble, drugs, mini gang war, etc.  But given that, it's pretty well done.  I guess it's based on a true story too, which I didn't know till the end.

3:10 To Yuma - Verrrry good!  I haven't seen the original yet, so I'm not sure how it compares, but this was great.  Everything is done really well, the acting, atomsphere, really good music, action, all of it.  Go see it!

Dr. Strange - !!!  Dr. Strange animated movie!  Woo!  I had no idea it existed, I just saw it on a torrent site.  I d/l'd, watched it, loved it, and bought the DVD.  If you don't like dr. strange, it's just an average actiony cartoon, I think.  Very much in the style of modern superhero cartoons, spiderman or JLA, etc.  But I, loving Dr. Strange as I do, thought it was teh awesome.