Aug 30, 2006


So, I just finished reading 1984. I know I'm the last person (let alone nerd) on the planet to read this book, but holy GOD was it good. I was absolutely blown away by how good and relevant it was. I'm sort of glad I didn't read it in high school, because I would have absolutely not understood half of it's importance. And then I would have "already read" that for the rest of my life and never given it another go in the present context. It was really amazing, there's the really obvious stuff about governmental control & monitoring and how to break a person down (this is where "there are four lights!" comes from?? or is it even older?). And then the more subtle stuff - how to create an enemy to distract your people (sound familiar? Emmanuel Goldstein seems such an misnomer for the hacker now), how to shape the truth by presenting and insisting your own (sound familiar??), the whole idea of doublethink and the managing of language, it was just awesome. Anyone who hasn't read it in 5 or 10 years or ever, absolutely should (not that this is news to you or anyone). I can't wait to move on to A Brave New World and We!

New Creative Products

AWWW! Come on!! I just bought a 30 GB ZVM! and now they have 60? with USB hosting?? Plus, I totally want that beautiful PMP. This isn't interesting at all, but I had to complain :)

The Homosexual Agenda

Hahahaha. I need to start up this CoV trial and make They Hate Us For Our Freedom :)

Star Trails over Namibia


Fracture Game

It's sorta like Geometry Wars, except, y'know, crappy. But it gets fun when things get more hectic!

Re: Simpsons vs. Star Trek

Poorly performed. Poorly mixed. Poorly edited. But points for being the first response to youtube via youtube I've seen :)

BT vs ISPs

So, I think I've started posting only mindless games and videos, which are quite fun, but it'd be nice to have something up here once in a while that I find *interesting* So first up is this blog post on Wired, bad stuff! And my intelligent and reasoned commentary? Umm.... "Boo! Boo! Rubish! Filth! Slime! Muck! Boo! Boo! BOO!!"

Sipmsons vs. Star Trek

Well, I could do without the guy acting like a retard, but the song is cool.

Aug 29, 2006


Gender-bending French animation. At first interesting, then silly, then boring. But it gets a link for it's j+N method of counting days :)

Place the States

Hmm, I suck at geography, I guess.

Conan @ the Emmy's


Ragdoll Game

More random fun.

Serenity wins a Hugo

Remember that time you punched me in the face and then gave me an award for best person to not punch in the face? 'memmmber? Yeah, it's kinda like that.

Lego Serenity

Well, there ya go.

Warcraft III Touchscreen

GIMME!! GIMME NOW!!! Also: make it 5 times faster, add a lasso finger select, add unit ability dependant (flying, ranged, mounted, etc) selection (this is really more the game company's problem, not the interfacer, but I still want it), there is presumably a way to zoom (two-finger touchpad style?) and rotate (?), and maybe some other stuff that I haven't thought of yet :)


This was funnier before the punchline. But it won 2006 SW Comedy Fan Film Award, so I guess I link it anyway!

Coin Game

Ah how I enjoy simple games.

Tap Guitar

This guy sounds very similar to Kaki King, is it random that they have the same last name??

Slo-Mo Home Depot

Well, I wanted to be annoyed with these guys, I realize the tag line "we cause scenes" is supposed to have a double meaning, but to me it just reads "we are assholes" But, this is actually interesting! Their embedded links are wonky at the moment, so just in case, here's a direct. I'll have to look at their site more later and find out if this is the exception or the rule.

Strange Attractors

Via B, the best gravity game ever!

Baller X

Simple game, hard game!

Monty Python Halo

Y'know... the internet is like Taco Bell. We only really have about 10 things we like, every month or so we mix those 10 things up, pick a couple at random, combine them in some way, and put it out as a new thing. So what I'm saying is the Lego Star Trek Python Numa Numa Kid is really just a Gordita.

That being said, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. It even has someone named BJ Smegma ;)

Meat cake?!

Come on, I don't care how much you love meat, you know perfectly well this is grooss!

Aug 22, 2006

Acoustic Hey Ya

This is much cooler than it seems like it should be. Oh well.

Nightmare at 20,000

Wow, this is interesting, it compares the TV and movie versions of the Twightlight Zone story "Nightmare at 20,000 feet" Who knew Shatner could be so subtle? It seems so reasonable compared to Lithgow's freaking out, the original is so much better!

Might Moshin' Emo Rangers

Wow, I dunno what to say. It's sorta funny to start with, all parody and stuff, but eventually it just goes all Mother Night! You are who you're pretending to be!

Aug 21, 2006

Counter Struck

This is actually pretty funny. The hostages running against the wall is awesome :) 's only funny if you've played these types of games before though.

Aug 19, 2006

More Stewart

HAHA! I've actually seen this one, but I love him so for doing this.

Picard Alphabet

WTH?!?! Well, this explains where the hat and cane in the last clip came from!

Animals Sleeping

Ohemgee! Cutest Things Ever!! Be warned, it's a cute vortex, from which you may never escape! AWWWWWWWW.

Picard's Song

Haha, I was so ready to scowl at this, but I ended up laughing my ass off!

Darmok! And Jilad! At! Tinagra!

Darmok! And Jilad! At! Tinagra!

Aug 17, 2006

The Good Wife's Guide

Listen up, my female friends, you have forgotten your roots!
;) I've actually seen this before, I dunno where, must be famous for it's ridiculousness.

Aug 1, 2006

Pipecleaner Dance

hahaha, this isn't fun!! why do I keep making him dance to Ms. Jackson?!

Ice Sculpture

Aw maaaan. Even though you know this is gonna go bad, you hope all the way up till the end that it won't.

Pop vs. Coke vs. Soda

You wouldn't think this would be interesting, but I've always said soda and I think pop sounds retarded, but apparently the entire northern half of the country disagrees with me :)

Vader's a Jerk


That's Your Horoscope

This isn't even that catchy a song, but I like it anyway.

Uni-Dir WIFI Ranger

If I had a USB WIFI Adapter, I would absolutely be doing this right now.

Human Pong

Right. See, Space Invaders was cool and a new idea. Pong is boring, and it's the same human-in-chairs-stop-motion idea. Nonetheless, linky.