May 19, 2006

re: Your Brains

Jonathan Coulton is pretty hilarious (he makes songs at So someone made a goofy little WoW machinima to his zombie song, it's fun :)

May 16, 2006

Search for Spock

So Net Neutrality is the big catch phrase right now, it's actually an important thing, can go to if you care. But this post is actually about this video that is related, and pretty funny :)

May 15, 2006

Dance Dance TV

Oh man, DDR TV. This is going to be the most awesome awful thing in the history of Ever.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance

OMG! Dr. Strange in the next Marvel game! He's going to be totally underpowered!

May 11, 2006

Fun game

Spiderman/Pitfall/Mechwarrior, fun!

I'm back!

Yeah I know no one cares, but I decided I oughta start filling this in again, if nothing else, it's a good place to store links I'm fond of without having a huge bookmark folder :)

And to start? How many have you done?
Evolution of Dance