Dec 28, 2006

John Edwards for President

Still my favorite candidate for president.  John McCain turned into a gigantic asshole at midnight.  Hillary is fainting, if not falling, far too far to the right.  Barak Obama I like, but he's too new, I'd really rather him wait and show up in '16 with some weight behind him.  Anyway, Edwards is still my favorite.  Yes, he's white and male, and that's too bad, and not nearly as charismatic as Obama, but he's the best I've seen in quite a while.

Record Making with Duke Ellington

Wow, this is way cool.  I had no idea how records were made.  'sides, Duke Ellington is always cool.

Tony vs. Paul

Haven't had a stop motion video in, like, a month!

AACS Hacked

AACS is the copy protection on DVDs, this guy hacked it.  Video isn't as cool as I'd hoped, but oh well, fuck the MPAA.

Dec 22, 2006

Ritmos Latinos

So, some of you know, I was in a dance class this semester, called Ritmos Latinos, it's salsa, but in a big circle w/ the moves called out like square dance or something.  So anyway, I fairly well sucked, but it was lots of fun and taught me enough that I can take real salsa classes sometime (not to mention this one again next sem)  At the end of the semester, we had a party and each class performed, and the dude just posted the performances on google video, here's the link to mine!

I start out in the back on the right, I'm wearing a blue long sleeved shirt w/ black pants.  You can't see a whole lot of what I'm doing, but by 1:40 I've made my way around the circle coming in on the left, I'm dancing w/ the girl in the black dress (not the lady w/ the red top, that's the other dude wearing blue).  So anyway, in the next min or so you see me do a vacilala y dame, a sombrero (the arms one), an adios, an adios con hermana, and, god help me, a move I can't remember the name of, but its where you stomp four times and clap four times while trying to look slick.... which I don't.  Then I disappear for a bit and show up in the background again, but you can't see much.  So, that's me being a big dork!  But it's fun!

Dec 20, 2006

Stay Classy, Virginia

"I fear that in the next century we will have many more Muslims in the United States."

-- Rep. Virgil Goode (R-VA), quoted by Think Progress, in a letter to constituents.

Transformers Trailer

Woah. this actually has the tiniest chance of not sucking.

Dec 18, 2006

Dick in a Box

haha, it's been a couple months since a great SNL short, but this is pretty funny.

Veggie Colleges

Here's the top 10 (and 5 in Canada).  Sorta interesting list!  Humboldt, sure.  Berkeley, naturally.  But Indiana?  Ohio??

Dec 17, 2006

Artist Video

This is pretty cool.  I'd suggest muting your speakers first to avoid the god awful swedish rap, though.

Dec 16, 2006

Movie Reviews @ The Temple

Blood Diamond - Pretty good.  Not an oscar movie, really, only even thought of as that because of its political implications.  Leo does a good enough job, Djimon Hounsou is very good.  Political stuff is no surprise if you've been paying attn.  Diamonds are not rare, far less rare than rubies or emeralds, but cost way more cuz they told us they cost way more.  And some of em come from lots of tragedy.

Must Love Dogs - Bad bad movie.  I mean, I laughed a good number of times, cute jokes and such.  But overall, just a pretty awful movie in pretty much every way.

An Inconvenient Truth - Holy shit.  I honestly didn't expect to be impressed by this movie.  I figured I knew most of these facts already (I didn't).  I figured filming a slideshow can't possibly be dramatic (I was wrong).  I figured he was preaching to the choir (I, at best, knew where the church was).  The movie is amazing, it's the most slack-jaw captivated I've been in a long time, I was totally blown away.  I know I'm behind the curve here, but if you haven't, everyone should see it, please.

Dec 15, 2006

Michael Crichton = Asshole

Jesus, do I have to never read any book he ever writes now?

Walking Table

Wth?  Is there some sort of burgeoning market for crazy mechanical tables or something?

Civil Unions in NJ

What, are we gonna let 'em vote now too??

Cool Experiment

This is neat.   Short version is:

-Dude asks Guy for directions, listening for about 15 sec

-Two people walk in between Dude and Guy carrying a big door

-While they are there, Dude swaps out with Dude2

-After the door is gone, 8 out of 15 Guys continue giving directions, not noticing that Dude is now Dude2!

Dec 12, 2006

Pirate Bay Blocks ISP

The Pirate Bay (TPB) has decided to block the Swedish ISP Perspektiv Broadband’s users from accessing the TPB’s website. The move comes in response to ISP Perspektiv’s decision to block its users from accessing the Russian website,

hehe, I dunno if it'll work, but I love Pirate Bay for trying.

Expanding Table


Tofu = Gayifying

Soy is feminizing, and commonly leads to a decrease in the size of the penis, sexual confusion and homosexuality.

Wuh-oh. ;)

Dec 11, 2006

Doll Face

This animation makes me sad.  But it's amazingly good, both in content and technical merit.  A little overt in its message, but really good.

Anti-Gore Spoof

Ha.  Okay, so first this video comes out.  Supposedly by a dude in CA making fun of Gore.  Cuz the environment is, like, totally uncool, man.

But then, the Wall Street Journal did a little research (unlike the guy who made the film) and found out that it was made by some Republican PR firm in DC that works for Exxon!  Ha!  Btw, I'd link to the WSJ story and not the ABC story about the WSJ story, but WSJ is pay-only.  So that's what you get, WSJ, welcome to 1999, open up.

Rare Exports

A shoft film.  Long way to go for a few really funny moments, but it's very well made, and it just tickles me.

Dec 10, 2006

.002 cents = .002 dollars?

According to Verizon.  Wow.

(btw, its basically the same thing for 22 min.  we get to the floor manager who doens't get it either, which is hilarious, but no real need to listen past the first few)

Dec 9, 2006

Conan the Ravearian

Saw this in Maxim of all places, I just about fell over, hahahaha.

Trey Parker & Matt Stone Interview

From Reason Magazine.  It's fairly interesting, if you have time to read it.

Coke Commercial

For those of us w/ DVRs, neat commercial.

New TMNT Trailer

Here it is.

I dunno, I don't think I like it.  Every single nerdy boy my age has precisely 4 points of childhood identity:

1) Voltron
2) GI Joe
3) Transformers

The order is different, but those are always there. Ya can't muck w/ them.  Now the transformer & TMNT movies are shaping up to be sort shitty.  Sadness!

Dec 8, 2006

Gotta post somethin'

So, nothing interesting came along the feeds today, but school is officially done and I'm feeling happy so I gotta post something.  So go watch today's Ze Frank, it's awesome.  Though really, it's all about this line (discussing the iraq report):

The Bush administration, however, embraced the report.  Much like it embraced someone with a contagious disease.  Who was on fire.  While you were both running in opposite directions.

The president agreed that the report was made up of words.  Written on paper.  With few, if any, spelling mistakes.  After that things got a little sticky.

teehee :)

Dec 6, 2006

James Kim Found Dead

:(((  I haven't been posting about this story, but god dammit that's awful.

Water on Mars??

Dis be coo'.

Wil Wheaton @ TV Squad

So TV Squad is a cool TV blogging site, if you are into that sort of thing.  But now I guess (for a while, really, I'm just slow) Wil Wheaton has joined in as a "retro blogger"  He's going back and reviewing a lot of the old episodes of TNG.  He's pretty funny, and it's nice to see that Wil Wheaton hated Wesley Crusher as much as Nerds In America As A Whole hated Wesley Crusher :)

Dec 5, 2006

Air Force "Pain Gun"

94 GHz?!  I could build that!

Al Gore Quote

"Well, he claimed that would not see it. That's why I wrote the book. He's a reader."

-- Al Gore, quoted by GQ, on whether President Bush had seen his movie, An Inconvenient Truth.

Oh Al Gore, you are going to make me want to vote for you!

A Girl Solo In Arabia

This is cool, I'm going to have to read through the blog when I get some time.

Dec 4, 2006

Darth Vader Kitchen


Google Blog Stats

Mr. Schmidt said that by by Google’s calculation, a new blog is being created every second of every day. He said that Google now estimates that the average blog is read by one person.

Hehe, I'm, I dunno, 3 times the average! woo! ;)  Here's the link.

Get out of jail rap

Hahaha, oh man, might as well give in to that dumbest state ranking, eh?

Dec 1, 2006

World Map Game

Wow... I got like.. 5, and they were easy ones.

Concert Reviews @ The Temple

I saw Thomas Dolby & BT tonight, it was pretty sweet.  Thomas Dolby, it turns out, is the dude who did that 80s song Blinded By Science, who knew?  Well, not me.  But he was pretty cool, told funny stories, had good, if sometimes goofy, music.  It was all, I guess, his stuff from the 80s, hence the goofiness.  I guess he'll do another tour next year w/ new stuff, I think I'd go, he was fun.

Then BT, who was very cool.  I wasn't sure what to expect of this concert, I've never done an electronic concert, seems weird to me, like maybe it's just a guy up there pressing the play button on a computer?  But BT had a whole band, and he played like 5 instruments himself, and it was all in all very good.  Probably better if you are higher than crap at the time, but still good.  He wasn't as talkative as Dolby, which I would have appreciated.  I heard him on Dawn & Drew and he is the coolest guy, or at least he plays one one TV, wish I coulda heard more of that coolness.  He ended w/ a pretty amazing song.  The whole concert, both dudes, had a visual component, stuff on the screen.  BT's last song was written for his daughter, so the screen was lots of images of her and of them together, and words.  The words were verrry on the nose.  Nothing subtle here, just plain ole "I will watch you grow up"  "I thank god for you" "I will love you forever" kind of stuff.  But it managed to be fairly touching anyway.

One other note, there were of course glow stick dancers.  These folks are always pretty goofy, acting all slick and stuff, and I'm just going "uhh... how do you know when you mess up?"  But then!  Then some 40 year old dude is trying to do it, and he suuuuucked.  I couldn't tell you what he was doing wrong, or what they were doing right, but he was awful.  So... that's fun.

Drawn By Pain

Wth?  I think maybe this will be awful, but it might be good, who knows.  I like the song anyway.

En Tus Brazos

Oh em gee, I LOVE this animation.  Tango!