Aug 31, 2005

Cat up for adoption

Hiya folks, breaking from the dorky stuff for a moment. I am trying to find a home for my neighbor's cat, Mildred. If you know anyone looking for a kitty, send them to this link. Also, tell me if you notice any errors or have any suggestions for the page. I have no idea how to advertise a kitty, and I'd like it to look non-retarded before I send it out to a couple listservs on campus. :)


Aug 30, 2005

Another Video Game Study

And this one says: no big deal (bugmenot required). One says yes, one says no, one says maybe, blah blah blah. Conclusion? Use your brains and stop listening to inconclusive and coincident (as opposed to causitive) studies paraded about by red herring flinging media morons and democrats desperate to appear to have morals.


Seriously! WTF?! I mean, I guess I already knew this, but seriously, 42% of people think we've always been like this, no evolution?! 64% in favor of teaching creationism w/ evolution?!! graaah! Time to grow up, Humanity In General, it's 2005, no more fairy tales and ghost stories, be an adult!

Behind Chess

Little site that shows you what the computer is "thinking" as it plans a move, sorta sweet.

Aug 26, 2005

Blog Spam

Comment from a couple posts ago:

meghanclinton3303 said... I read your blog, and i thought it was rather cool. check out My Blog

I'm confused! What's the scam here? Do people actually go buy stocks based on these blog comment spams? Really?? Some guy writes a blog on how good X3SE is, and you go buy it?! Ok well then you deserve to lose your money. Just sayin'.

Zoom In


Aug 23, 2005

Bush vs. Nixon

An interesting graph. Even I don't trust that one year projection, that's just silly, there is much more than 10% of people who will like Bush no matter what he does or doesn't do. Still, sorta interesting to look at the first 4.5 years.

Aug 20, 2005


Personally, I have always been partial to the Flying Pink Invisible Elephants theory, but they, that's why we should teach all of them.

Aug 16, 2005

The Enemy of my Enemy

This will be interesting. The book names 100 bad people, on a cultural basis as I understand it (I haven't read it), which is to say moral decay, hollywood values, educational leftism, etc. It is mostly liberals, but there are some conservatives, it might be interesting to hear this woman defend them all individually.

Flash Site

Some really cool stuff here. Some fun (probably pseudo) random walk things, neat visual effects, a isometric builder thing that's cool too. Check it.

Aug 3, 2005

Tuition Breaks

UA is giving tuition breaks to same-sex couples, awesome.

Not that I believe that Likins has some noble vision, he's just trying to be like everyone else and not lose good people, but still awesome.