Sep 3, 2006

Gay Sheep!

Well, this is interesting. I got the link from a vegan blog, but I'm as interested in the research as the animal treatment part. It seems a reasonable summary of the studies going on, but I'm not terribly well-versed in this stuff, maybe it's missing a whole side that reveals it as a biased article. The vegans' concern is that they are killing the gay sheep to look at their brains and try to figure out where all that gayity comes from. They claim that the dude doing it wants to "cure" it, but every link so far is just that claim, and not something from the actual dude indicating, overtly or not, that that's his goal. Hard for me to tell if it's just the animal activists needing to make him more evil to get more carnivores on their side, or if he's really as much a dickbag as they claim. Maybe I should do more than 5 min of google research before posting things, hm? :)

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