Mar 31, 2009

Video Game Reviews @ The Temple

Oops, I played most of these a while ago, just found the saved post, oh well, here goes posterity:

Soul Calibur 4 - So here's the thing with me and fighting games.  We agreed to disagree roundabout the end of the 90s.  The last fighting game I played more than a couple rounds of was Tekken.  Tekken one.  on playstation one.  its not that I hated them, it's that I sucked and in order to be good you needed a lot more time than I was willing to put in.  The last game I was good at was SF2, like the first one.  I never even played MK much.  Cut to 10 years later and this is my first soul calibur game, and its pretty cool.  These games sure have come a long way, huh?  I mean, I'm not good enough to play it right, but it seems like there's depth here that we only wished for once upon a time!  All the different attacks and types of attack and frame (which is kind of a split second advantage in timing) and counters and etc.  I guess it's cool.  It's way too mcuh for me, no way I'm going to learn to play this, let alone in the 2 days I have before my gamefly subscription ends.  It's not exactly super fun to play as an idle game, either.  The story mode isn't really much of a mode.  It's obviously all about playing against others, and that's just not something I'm doing to end up doing.  Oh wells, I'm sure its great, if you are into this kinda thing.  I know these things aren't the point, but real quick: the story is absent, the endings are almost all dumb, the announcers voice is ridiculous, and seriously with the gigantic tits on the chicks?  seriously?!

GTA4 - Uh, what am I going to say here?  The game is ollllld news by now.  Mr. Thesis delayed me from getting to it when everyone else did, but I'm finally done with it.  What's to say? it's great, fantastic, amazing, fun, interesting, funny, who the hell hasn't played this?  my opinion doesn't add anything at this point.

Penny Arcade: OTRSPOD - So the Penny Arcade game finally came to the PSN!  Took long enough!  It's pretty fun, though I'm actually kinda disappointed.  First of all its amazingly short.  I'm sure glad they dropped it to $15 for the PSN, cuz yikes, what was that, 6 hours?  The gameplay is straightforward, serves its purpose.  That purpose being telling the silly story, showing the nice art, and being funny.  And it is funny, in that penny arcade kind of way, especially the dynamic between gabe and tycho, I did laugh out loud.  It's not hilarious, though, I wasn't rolling.  I'm sure I'll get the 2nd episode when it comes to PSN, if nothing else than to give money to PA who have entertained me for years, but my excitement is certainly dampened.

Fallout 3 - Gah gah gah.  It's Oblivion, which I played the shit out of, except with frickin' lasers on its head.  How can it possibly be bad?  The answer = it isn't, it's fantastic.  The world isn't quite as full as oblivion, but that's because it's post apocalyptic, it's not full, because it's empty.  This also leads to a certain lack of scenary, but it didn't bother me.  Character evolution is purposefully smoothed out, makes it kind of easier, but that's ok, I didn't play it to break my head on it.  The voice and dialogue work is better, though the emptiness helps with that again.  It sounds like I'm caveat'ing everything, but I'm not, just placing it in context.  It's been my pasttime pretty much any time I'm home alone for the past few weeks, it's great.

Bioshock - Finally got around to finishing this.  I had played when it came out, but it kept crashing.  It's a very good game.  I'm not quite sold its the best game ever.  The story is good, but not all that captivating, I don't know why everyone peed their pants.  The mechanic is cool, but it really is just System Shock except easier, so it's cool and fun, but it doesn't blow my mind.  And hey, I'm not sure why I think vita-chamber regens are bullshit, but I will shoot one guy, save, shoot one guy, save, get shot, reload, shoot one guy, save, and that's not bullshit.  wait, I am sure - cuz I'm dumb, but that's ok.

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