Apr 14, 2010

Video Game Reviews @ The Temple

Mass Effect 1 – Yes 1. I’m a little behind the times, ok? More than you know, really. I finally get to this, and my computer can just barely play it. It was a pretty obnoxious experience, honestly. It started okay, I even had the settings at a reasonable place. But by the end I had all the graphics completely down and it still crawled. Don’t know what’s up with my computer, it can barely handle flash anymore. In fact, toward the end you have to race your little buggy through an area in 40 seconds. Trouble is, my computer run that race at 1/3 speed, but the countdown happened in real time, it was literally impossible for me. I had to install the game on my work computer JUST to finish the game. Beat Saren there too, can’t imagine that nightmare on this computer. So, to be fair, the experience of this game was harshly colored by my computer. And those last 20 minutes on the work computer were much more fun and a whole hell of a lot prettier. With that true, I didn’t think the game was all that great. It had all the problems I had heard about – stupid elevator travel, mediocre battle system, horrendous moon-buggy missions. But on top of that I wasn’t super into the story. It seems like a cool world, very well developed and fairly original and all that. But I didn’t really care, didn’t care about my companions, didn’t care about side missions. I went out of my way to be evil, which was fine, I guess. The game certainly isn’t bad, but it didn’t have any epic feeling I was hoping for. It didn’t feel like KOTOR, that’s for sure. By all accounts, ME2 fixes all these things and is a magical game. Sadly, this thing will never play that, so I won’t find out for years until I get a new computer. Ohswells!

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